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I am so glad you're here.


Carrying a few (or a lot) of extra pounds? Ready for some gut-renovation (ok that pun was totally intended)? Need to feed your mind (or hack your mindset)? Heck, maybe you are like me, always on the lookout for that all-elusive feeling of what more is out there for me to experience and improve?

Whatever your reasons, you are WELCOME here!

I newly created this space to dump my brain, write about my n=1 self-experiments in hacking my own health, mood, and performance and overall just share and connect.

I have a day job as a risk director for a bank and an after-hours passion of learning about how the body works and how we can make it feel and perform better. There is so much research and information out there that if implemented would make many of us healthier, but unfortunately the speed with which this information in incorporated into medical practice is woefully inadequate. Hence the need to take our health and well-being into our own hands.

I struggled with my mood and with my weight for many years, but now I know what makes me feel so much better. Feel free to look around this site. Read what I wrote. Then, chat me up via email or on FB or IG. Let me show you how I broke the cycle of frustration, of feeling stuck and got back the mental clarity and physical energy I desperately needed.​

Hey Hey Hey!! Thanks for stopping by, it's great to have you here. Let me introduce myself. I am a 30-something mother of two boys, who is a Director of Risk Management by day and a Health and Wellness Warrior after dusk.


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